Periodontic (gum tissue) Post Operative Instructions

General Precautions For The First Week After Surgery

  1. Avoid any strenuous activity.
  2. Sleep with your head elevated.
  3. Do not rinse vigorously or spit.
  4. Chew on the non-surgical side of the mouth.
  5. Avoid very hot and/or alcoholic beverages.
  6. Avoid or decrease smoking.

Special Medication
Antibiotics or other medication may be prescribed. Take as directed on the label and until all tablets are used.

The importance of a nutritious diet cannot be overly stressed and particularly during the healing period.
Avoid eating on the treated side if possible. A liquid may be used for the first one or two meals such as: milkshakes, Instant Breakfasts, fruit juices and warm soups, etc.
Avoid hot liquids the first five hours after surgery.

Soft foods may be eaten until you feel ready to go back to your regular diet. The following require little pressure to chew and provide necessary nutrients: eggs, cottage cheese ground meat, bananas, cooked fish, cereals and whole wheat bread. Vitamin C aids healing too. Therefore, fresh orange and/or tomato juice is excellent! You should continue your usual vitamin supplements.

The dressing used to cover the treated area is helpful in maintaining comfort. It may be brushed VERY LIGHTLY to keep it clean. If small pieces of the dressing fall off, it is of no concern unless it becomes uncomfortable.

If you wish, you may GENTLY rinse with lukewarm salt water or mouth wash. Vigorous and/or frequent rinsing however is to be avoided. Your usual plaque controls procedures should be continued in the non-treated areas of your mouth.

Apply an ice bag to the outside of your face, over the treated area for fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off for the duration of two hours. A BAGGIE FILLED WITH ICE AND WRAPPED IN A TOWEL WORKS NICELY. Continue as long as needed. You may have been given a prescription to minimize swelling. Take as directed.

Some blood will stain your saliva. THIS IS NORMAL!!! Oozing may be controlled with ice cold water held (not rinsed) over the dressing for a few minutes.

If continuous bleeding occurs, discontinue rinsing, avoid exertion and do the following: Moisten a tea bag (preferable), gauze pad or Kleenex tissue. Place it on the tongue side of the dressing with thumb and index finger. Then, apply CONTINUOUS, FIRM PRESSURE to both sides of the dressing for 30 minutes, WITHOUT REMOVING IT FOR INSPECTION. If the bleeding persists, call the office at 215-972-9722.

A slight fever or chills may occur. It is of no consequence unless it persists more than 24 hours. A persistent low grade temperature or one above 102 degrees should be reported.

If any questions occur, do not hesitate to contact this office. After office hours, the doctor may be reached through the answering service.

Dr. Uri Hangorsky
Home Telephone: 215-769-8323